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Profile of Okada Yuki


1992 passed NHK audition
1994 NOC vocal contest silver prize, Saitama prefecture
"Aozora - Hoshizura contest" theme song selected
1996 A.P.F.S. produced the theme song - Sanya theme song, the theme song selected for Kyoto "Heian City 1200 Year Festival" theme song
1997 Pakistan Muslim League theme song produced (Pakistan invited to the government but canceled by coup d'etat)
Former NHK screenwriter, Mr. Aoi Takagaki's act / director, starring at the Tanto Norte extraordinary performance "Oobou Jizo"
1998 musical "dedicated to inexperienced mother" comprehensive produce - Shinjuku Ward Education Committee - Social Welfare Council sponsored
CD album "Datsu Okibari Ikuji Sengen !!" Comprehensive Produce
1999 Musical " Datsu Okibari Ikuji Sengen !!" Comprehensive Production - Shinjuku Ward Board of Education - Social Welfare Council Supported
Asahi Life releases "FAMILY" CD Album co-sponsored "Activity Fund for Growing Children"
2000 Published the book "Ugly Ducklings", Community FM "Okada Yuki's Parenting Support PMT" started
2001 Gast Vision (Sukaraku group) appearance
2002 released CD album "Light healing"
2003 Yasukuni Shrine / Hall of Fame showed comprehensive production of "Music Legal Requirements"
2004 CD single "Beyond the Time as HarukanaruTokiwokoete" released, CD single "A.P.F.S Ganbarou" Production - Produce
2005 Writing the brochure 'Pass through abuse death'Commemorative FM "Yuki Okada's reborn children of the future" started with First prize winner prize
2006 Revised children's revised reprint edition of Mikui Duck
International Soroptimist America USA East Japan Region Tokyo - MDW (award for change for women) awarded
2007 Held a lecture (sponsored by Danshui Township) in Taipei Seoul Township Town, Taipei, "Bullying and Abusive Stop!" Campaign
CD Single "Bubu zuke Ippai" released
2008 "Bullying and abuse prevention forum" started
2009 Symposium commemorating the first anniversary of "bullying and abuse prevention forum" (lecture by Kosuke Yoshiie)
Keynote speaker Mr. Keiko Tanaka (husband - way of life of Rikidozan), Mr. Kenji Koshimizu (AED and primary life saving)
Mr. Kijun Tokuyama (Human Relationship Series Learned from Oriental Wisdom 6 Series - Nissan Global Director)
Abuse eradication manual publication
2010 Opened training course for abuse specialist counselor
2011 CNN is taken up as the leading abuse specialist counselor and delivered to the world
2012 CAP specialist counselor training course is offered
2013 Featured in the February issue of AERA with Baby taken up in the special feature section
2014 TBS "N sta"It is taken up at Al Jazeera English / 101 EAST in
Lecture to Prime Minister Abe and Mr. Akie at Prime Minister's official residence
2015 Letter of encouragement from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in the UK
2016 discovered a new possibility of Prada Willy's syndrome (made PWS part-time employment in the general framework)
2017 She was asked for the skill of "Okada formula AC discrimination method" and moved to New York and Washington DC
2018 As a culmination of Yuki Okada's efforts, the Abuse Psychology Research Institute was established.
2019 Visit to Agrasara Buddhist Orphanage in Bangladesh
Okada's trademark registration for the "Okada Method for Determining AC Identity" was approved.
2020 Bullying and Abuse Prevention Forum" (held four times a year), still ongoing
Began joint research with the Research Institute for Humanity and Science and the Abuse Psychology Research Institute.
News Okibariyasu" is now available on youtube.

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