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Appear in the 150th anniversary pre-event of Yokohama Port Opening Festival
At the Yokohama Minato Mirai on May 31st (Sunday) a pre-event of the port opening festival was held. At Shiori special stage, the event of dance spread, Many performers participated. Okada Yuki, with the members of the Special Olympics athlete Performed, singing "Bubu Zuke Ippail" and "One flower in the world" Everyone athlete showed up a wonderful dance together. On the day we were surrounded by the weather, applause from many participants The wind is colder than usual today. However, I think that excitement that has never been tasted awaits, it is truly, wonderful place Hecchara.

It was a wonderful event.
Special Olympics Nippon

Oedo Band Festival
Early in the morning of Sunday in Tokyo it is completely different atmosphere.
Most of the cars are not running, and the people who go around the town are also mabara. Is this the big city Tokyo? And doubt the eyes. However, only here in Asakusa Public Hall, the preparations for passion starting soon will be delayed and preparation is progressing at a rapid pace.
Although it is still in the morning and outside is still winter, each booth in Asakusa public hall is decorated with banners and other banners that each group has tasted in order to promote their daily activities, gorgeously in the morning.
It's an on-parade of directing that is intriguing as we are seeing!
We celebrated the Circle Dalmatian booth as losing! Wow!
Eventually, at 11:30.
Opening, thankfully, the customer has a good seat even a little! I was touched by the appearance of going up the stairs and finally headed for the opening at 12 o'clock. It is such a tough world, but if there are not many bright news, it is the Oedo Band Session that we create by ourselves!
As its prosperous top batter, Circle Dalmatian representative Yuki Okada is out.

Curry is rising slowly and the voltage is the highest tide!
In the large crowd, wearing Dalmatian patterned body comb suit, the stage of Okada starts.
Special athletes at Special Olympics also as a back dancer will fully demonstrate the outcome of daily practice and will create a fun time with Yuki Okada, the fragrance of happiness will drift. Besides, it seems that it was yesterday. March 16 2009 | Activity Report | Yuki Okada and Special Olympics athlete The Oedo band session was held on February 15 (Sunday) at Asakusa Public Hall.
To all the athletes of Special Olympics with Yuki Okada
I danced a lot of energy rhythm dance.
With the cooperation that the pattern does not give up NPO corporation It is posted on Youtube.
Special Olympics athlete everyone
Everyone who does not give up NPO corporation
Everyone at the Oedo band session staff
Thank you very much!
Special Olympics Nippon

Special Olympics

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