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Okada Yuki was reported worldwide at CNN.

The problem of child abuse in Japan has been drawing attention recently from overseas than in Japan.

Regarding the growing abuse issue, CNN is ringing a warning bell.

As a guru to solve problems, Yuki Okada's voice from the experience

I am disseminating it to the world through an interview.

Video here

Okada Yuki was interviewed by Al Jazeera English '101 East'.

It is introduced on Al Jazeera's homepage.

Al Jazeera is one of the three biggest news networks in the world that follows BBC, CNN.
ALJAZEERA ENGLISH (Al Jazeera ? English) opened in 2006, a satellite television station broadcasting news 24 hours in English.
Qatar o Mainly in the headquarters of Doha, we are developing broadcasting networks by Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, London, Washington DC General Administration, and branches all over the world.
The number of viewing households is approximately 260 million households in 130 countries or more.

A lecture by Yuki Okada on January 15, 2007 in Taiwan and Tanshui City was published in a major newspaper "Free Times" in local Taiwan.
At the mini concert that was held after the lecture by Okada Yuki on that day, She received a bouquet gift from Mayer.
Encore's clapping did not stop ringing.
In answer to the clap,Okada yuki sang YEAH LEI SHANG with Mayer.
At the end we got valuable souvenirs and received a prize from Mayor.
After the lecture, many education and medical personnel rushed to the stage seeking Okada's books and CDs. Many specific requests such as a very enthusiastic question of the teacher and when we can come next time have been received.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chun Wei, Tanshi Township, Mr. Deng, all the performers, Thank you very much.

MS Okada Yuki received the MDW Award from International Soroptimist.

A women's service organization with an international organization striving to "improve human rights and the status of women".
Best for Women who works with the aim of making interest in international and national issues, aiming for a global society that shines life.
Women who shone to such an extent that it can not be talked with just the word full of charm are now expanding their activities with the whole world in mind.
It is an international Soroptimist.
Yuki Okada, our Circle Dalmatian representative, received recognition from many wonderful organizations for many years and received recognition at Shinjuku Century Hyatt.
International Soroptimist started in Oakland, California in 1921, formed by 80 women with profession, and since then has received numerous approvals since then, it has expanded globally.
Today it is an internationally active organization with approximately 95,000 members in 3,000 clubs in 125 countries around the world.
Among them, the award given to Yuki Okada by people of "Japan East Region / Tokyo - Shinjuku" is MDW (Make a Difference for Women) / a prize that brings change for women.
This award is a woman who worked to improve the lives of women and girls, and is awarded to women who also had important influence on women and girls.
Okada Yuki, who had been brought down to the bottom of suffering and became traumatized by the harsh experience of receiving sexual abuse from his elder brother when he was young, eventually left his parents and is very ordinary I got married and gave birth to a child as a woman.
Just a childhood experiences of childhood experiences have confronted the drastic reality called DV.
Divorce with a husband who chose after suffering suffering repeatedly repentance in a life given as if to make a chain.
It was the publication of the book "Ugly Ducklings" that spelled her own abusive experiences, which became a chance to be released from the spell of many years little by little after coming to Tokyo with my own will .
And the days that face deeply scratched heart scars created a strong belief in Okada Yuki that absolutely abuse is not abused, that belief has saved many women and continues to give a brilliant future to many children .
The long-term activities of Yuki Okada are now recognized by international Soroptimist.
It is a great honor and I am very encouraging to work with Yuki Okada.
Today, on December 15, I was accompanied by Circle Dalmatian Editor in the awards ceremony at the Shinjuku Century Hyatt, written at the beginning.
Originally Yuki Okada and the secretary general Hiroshi Kaito were planning to ask, but also for the urgent request that I accompany you, the people of "Japan East Region / Tokyo - Shinjuku" have accepted comfortably .
As soon as I opened the door of the venue, everyone greeted me with a warm applause.

It is Yuki Okada, the representative who won the MDW, but it was a wonderful woman with a gentle smile, for some reason I could be shy.

According to the president's greetings when introducing Okada, "Circle Dalmatian's activities can not be said in a matter of minutes. "that's what he said.

I think that this is evidence that we understand things such as child abuse prevention activities that confront the wounds of the heart properly.

There was a worry for such a little word, and I was able to feel the kindness of the late being a women's service organization.

After listing the awards ceremony, I listened to songs from Okada and I gave him a big applause again.

Everyone carefully talked to me who accompanied me, and today I became quite nervous today.

I am a DV slaughter I participate in activities while receiving Yuki Okada's counseling, but Soroptimist people we met this time seem to have learned about DV in many people.

If a man like me who has experienced DV gets back up without counseling and creates a chain, it also leads to the improvement of the lives of women and children.

I think that I will also receive counseling firmly to reward the people of "Japan East Region / Tokyo - Shinjuku" who chose Yuki Okada as a recipient.

That is why Soroptimist gives you the opportunity to write articles as lighting therapy counseling.

It is the human being who overcame the same mortality experience that can repair the scar of the heart of the deeply holed up assault, and if you train a group of counselors with a mock experience, you should be able to save more people.

What Yuki Okada is trying to produce, acknowledged by a gentle glowing woman.

It is a society with the power to transform the chain of abuse into a chain of happiness.

People from the international Soroptimist "Japan East Region / Tokyo - Shinjuku",
Thank you so much for this time

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